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Hi or नमस्ते, we decided to open your own place for hindi shayari for your facebook status (स्थिति) : MyStatus.IN , here you can find hindi shayari for your facebook status and send hindi shayari or english statuses in a click. but we need your help to to get big so Share the new site.Namaste ( नमस्ते ).

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I`m looking into colleges for job trainning
shayari by: unknown shayari
"If you have only one smile in you ... Uu Just give it to the people you love.&.U will See their reflexion "
shayari by: unknown shayari basically is a site on which we learn how to beg :`P
shayari by: unknown shayari
Loosing your phone u just say oh! My contacts like you care but u only call 15% of them.
shayari by: unknown shayari
Some People Say:Oh I don`t have a Valintine for Valintine`s Day! :( Well some people don`t have moms on Mothers Day or dads on Fathers Day
shayari by: unknown shayari
saying "No" to a guy and still wanna b
friends with him is like killing a person
and then keeping the dead body as a
reminder of ur evil act.
shayari by: unknown shayari
`Jesus Christ Coming Soon`
Prepare,Repent & Turn to Jesus
Because there are no any other ways to go Heaven
shayari by: unknown shayari
Life is like a riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you should keep moving. #uv
shayari by: unknown shayari
The guy who created a camera should`ve gone through a lot in life, he wanted to remember both good n bad times.
shayari by: unknown shayari
Facebook keeps telling me people are following me. But, every time I look behide me there`s nobody there? Why does facebook keep lying to me?
shayari by: unknown shayari
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